About Us

Vision :
  • Mainstreaming Street Children
Mission :
  • To bring meaning in the lives of street children by providing various needs-based services to develop their inherent talent and re-integrate them back to society.
  • To enable street children access their child rights: survival, education, participation, development. To empower them to become contributing members of society.
How To Participate
The children we find are usually:
  1. Lost & separated from parents
  2. Orphaned
  3. In conflict with family
  4. Child labour/Trafficked/Cheated by people
  5. Searching for survival
We provide:
  1. Shelter
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Education
  5. Medical assistance
  6. Life skills
  7. Livelihood skills
  8. Savings Bank account
  9. Dance and music classes
  10. Games – Indoor and Outdoor
  11. Counseling – Yoga and meditation
  12. Computer Classes
  13. Annual Camp
  14. Outgoing and Picnic
  "Help Them For a Better Tomorrow"  

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Registered Under Section 12(a) of Income Tax Act 1961 No. Pnt/Regn/6481/96-97

Donations Exempted U/S.80 G of I.T. Act of 1961
No.THN/CIT/-II/80 G/933/07-08/2259 dated 11-10-2007 valid from 1-4-2007 onwards until withdrawn
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