Our Strategies:

A. Outreach - Rapport building with the child

Outreach is the first step in rehabilitating street children. They are met at railway stations, bus terminus, market places, cafeterias, from Kurla–Thane and Dombivli-Badlapur to Titwala. Once a rapport is built, the children are invited to attend the drop-in centres on a 'Come and See' basis.

B. Drop-In-Centres at Thane and Kurla

These function during the day, throughout the year, for children (4-15 yrs) providing them food, education, recreation.

C. Non-formal education centres at Ulhasnagar, Kalwa and Karjat

These are non-formal education centers open to child labourers.

D. Shelter

A place called home a support provided to those who've made a decision to change their lives
SalilSahajeevan : Crisis shelter for street boys, Digha.
Suraksha : Crisis centre for street girls at Neral.

These shelters are a day and night centre where street children from 6-18 yrs are provided with physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual development. Also a temporary full-time shelter for court committed children(6-18 yrs).

E. 24 hours shelter for boys

Children in the age group of 6-18 reside day and night with the aim of protection from physical and sexual abuse, mental harassment and exploitation. All children attend formal schools and thereafter get enrolled in colleges or technical institutes. After they complete 18 years, they are encouraged to take part time jobs and pursue higher studies. They are also encouraged to live in group homes, cook their own food and carry on with their daily chores. Skilled staff comprises of Masters Degree in Social work, Para-Professionals, Teacher and multi-purpose worker to provide 24 hours support to children.

F. Partnering with Childline – DIAL 1098 (A Govt. of India scheme) since 1996.

A 24 hr. helpline for children in difficult circumstances in operation throughout the country. Aasara supports from Thane to Ambernath&Titvala.

This scheme helps children in need of medical aid, counseling, shelter, and protection from child labor/trafficking.

How To Participate
  "Help Them For a Better Tomorrow"  

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